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tv   Closing Bell  CNBC  September 4, 2014 3:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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we welcome you to "closing bell." i'm bill griffeth here at post nine at the new york stock exchange. >> i'm kayla tausche in for kelly evans for it off this week. markets vacillating between red and green during this session. they had been in green for
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several days, positive gains across the board. but as you see, with just an hour left if trade, dow down by ten, s&p by three. we had been talking about a possible record close. >> second day that's happened this week where we see a rally on the opening, just fades in the afternoon. if we showed you transports, that's still in record territse an all-time high yesterday. it is up again today on some those lower oil prices. there's tranports up 57 points. a gain of .66%. one of the bright spots on an otherwise lackluster today. marathon oil's ceo lee tillman is with us. boxing champion's manny pacqaoi and chris algeri. they'll ring the opening bell
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today ahead of their big match. lots to talk about in the housing industry. and we get to the business brains behind the "duck dynasty" brand. willie robertson will be here with us. you won't want to miss that. he's getting his family into a number of businesses of brand extensions. he's a very smart businessman. he's getting into -- >> once you have a show with the blockbuster success of "duck dynasty," you're going to be building a business dynasty as well. one would think. we'll talk to him a brit about that later on in the show. also apple stocks be slightly higher today. yesterday did see that massive drop but of course we are waiting for next tuesday's big event. it's the iphone 6 is set to be unveiled. these people are lining up ahead of the announcement. they're outside that store on fifth avenue in manhattan.
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>> great story. let's show you how the markets are doing right now. we showed you the dow and s&p, there's the industrial average, the higher opening. we didn't even mention the fact that the ecb cut rates this morning. that helped the european stock market, helped our own market initially but we have faded toward the close. we are down 16 points right now. the s&p at this hour -- or nasdaq down four points after opening higher. now at 4,568. the s&p 500 index is back below 2,000. gas down 3 1/2 points. let's talk about it in our "closing bell exchange." heather hughes, jim lowell, ron mullenkamp, andrew aarons, and our own rick santelli. rick, mr. market, on the market's response to the ecb, it was a surprise rate cut. dollar took off. so did our own 10-year yields. right? >> they did. the 10-year yield really, truly
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is right on the sand ready to go into the water in terms of a correction. i think you need to start to extend above 2 at any time$2 2. bearishness. a trader said watch out for the u.s. stocks because he said it is not about fix being the growth. it is about central banks. mario draghi stepped up in that regard. maybe it will stop the brain of u.s. investors coming into u.s. equity markets. dax is up 1% and we're sliding a bit. maybe it is non-farm tomorrow. but all you bears out there that want rights to go higher, i want rights to go higher, i never saw a formation that location. location.
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calls and wild beard and sometimes controversial family on a & e's "duck steinity" and we're talking about the wildly popular willie robertson joining us here at the new york stock exchange. >> you're the mastermind behind the launch of some new businesses for the robertson family. you guys have tires, hot sauce and now ice tea. why the entry into this? >> my uncle sy loves his ice tea. the first time we filmed the show he had his cup and the producers asked him to move it and i said i don't think you'll get away from it. i told him recently i'm glad you kept that cup. >> that's all he's got in there is the tea, come on. >> i'm telling you, it's just tea. he drinks two gallons a day, and one at work which he doesn't work much. >> two gallons a day. >> the unsweet teas. >> do you think that the fans will have that unsatiable appetite for tea as well. >> i hope they knock out a 12
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pack of the tea. >> you clearly are making hay while the sun ships, and you're doing a brilliant job, with all the branding and spinoffs and things. how long do you think this is going to last? >> who knows, as long as people keep watching the show and then we've launched into our product. we've always made duck calls. >> just can go back to that. >> believe it or not, we sell a lot of duck calls. >> you launched the tire company last month, that doing well? >> the tires are doing well. the tea is doing great. all these products, because we're passionate about our food and our drink and just like we are our hunt and being outdoors. >> aren't you really selling a life-style? i mean, i think this is just bigger than a show or a part. it seems like a certain lifestyle that people are all gathering around >> i think it is. that's what people like about the show. it's authentic and our products are authentic as well, and so they know if -- they know we're going to taste them, test them and make sure that they are good, and we're proud of them. >> will you be tapped next for "dancing with the stars"? >> yeah, your daughter just announced today. >> she is on "dancing with the stars." >> got some fancy footwork.
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>> i'm actually more nervous watching her do the press line, and she's going to do good. i think she will do good. >> great to see you and continued success for "duck steinity," of course. that does it for us on "closing bell." "fast money" starts right now. see you tomorrow. live at the nasdaq market site in new york city's times square this is "fast money." i'm melissa lee. tim seymour, jon najarian and guy adami. tonight's top story. where's the rally? the european central bank announcing an unexpected rate cut and stocks losing early morning gains and closing in the red. the dollar, on the other hand, gaining streams against the euro and is this the rising rate environment? we've heard so much about it. is this the fear of the rising rates successfully think some of it. it's probably more confusion, so when you look at multiple asset classes today and look at what happened with currencies, the


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